A native New Yorker and current Philadelphian – with a stint in Chicago in between. Currently a PhD candidate at the University of Pennsylvania pursuing a joint degree in Education and Sociology.

My undergraduate training at Princeton University was in photography and art history (specifically exploring racial and identity politics in the work of contemporary African American artists like Kara Walker, Kehinde Wiley, and Carrie Mae Weems). After college, I spent some time working on the West Side of Chicago as the director of a high school Writing Center. While there, I became deeply engaged in the questions and challenges of urban education which led me to graduate school, where I have been ever since -- first, earning a master's degree in Sociology of Education from NYU, then joining a one-year graduate cohort in the Documentary Media Studies program at The New School, and now, doctoral studies.

My research focuses primarily on under-explored sources of educational inequality, particularly at the intersection of adolescent students' racial identities, gender identities, academic identities, emotionality, and future orientation. As a documentary filmmaker, I am also committed to using visual and participatory methods as part of my scholarly research practice.

Outside of academia, I enjoy dancing, exploring new big cities, visiting museums, cooking with friends, and reality tv.